Investing to make an enduring impact on our world.

Nuveen has supported the financial futures of millions of investors for over 125 years1. Under the leadership of TIAA, we invest in the growth of businesses, real estate, infrastructure, farmland and forests while building long-term relationships with clients from all over the globe. With expertise across income and alternatives, and as one of the first in the industry to practice responsible investing, we continue to expand our capabilities while maintaining our legacy as a leading investment manager.

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Latest Insights

Real estate 2023 outlook

The themes for 2023 in real estate are driven predominantly by the continued fallout of surging inflation and interest rate hikes from central banks. While the general consensus is that monetary policies will start to ease in the new year, the impact it will have on real estate is yet to be fully felt.

2022-2023 Real Estate ESG Report

Our tomorrow’s world approach, a philosophy that sits at the core of our investment process and business operations, informs our long-term view of real estate investments for the enduring benefit of both clients and society. Our 2022-2023 environmental, social and governance report provides transparency into our approach to sustainability, our progress to date and our plans for the future.

Smart Sustainable Building Blueprint

To bring our tomorrow’s world vision to life, Nuveen Real Estate has developed a smart sustainable building blueprint (SSBB) for the different real estate sectors it invests in. Each sector-specific SSBB takes into account the three key drivers of change in tomorrow’s world: sustainability, technology and people.

1Nuveen traces its history to 1898 when the company began underwriting municipal bonds, Nuveen’s investment team (which is inclusive of TIAA’s investment team) began managing assets on behalf of TIAA in 1918.

2AUM as of 30 Sep 2023. Nuveen assets under management is inclusive of underlying investment specialists. Totals may not equal 100% due to rounding. Real estate AUM represents underlying real estate investments for public and private markets, including assets within target date products. Other category includes investments in: land, parking, self storage, hotels, healthcare and marketable securities.